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GALLERY: 94 / DATE: Jan 13 2010 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 1

Dalton usually has some crazy ideas; all he needed was a winch, hood, spreader bar, inversion boots and leather Fetters straitjacket. We were at Medical Toys in Eureka California doing some fun photo shoots and attending a New Years Eve party.  It was lunch time so Dalton laid out the gear, got some willing help from Ed and soon he was upside down twenty feet in the air. A little lunch time activity is always a good idea, but it was raining so this was the next best thing. No, it was the best thing, you can't do this in the office.


GALLERY: 92 / DATE: Jan 11 2010 / IMAGES: 38

A special thanks to our friend Setven at SM Medical for sending us this set photo set of his latest purchase - a combination denim straitjacket and shorts from the manufacturer No Escape in Germany.


GALLERY: 91 / DATE: Jan 5 2010 / IMAGES: 49

These are the stills of my upside down adventure, a video will follow. We were doing some bondage photos and in the waiting time I wanted to see what upside down in a strait jacket and hood would feel like. The winch holds over a ton, the bar and swivel are rated for at least fifteen hundred pounds at minimum. The leather boots have four welded "D" rings and four straps, all of these would have to fail to fall. I can't find any reason to worry about falling, but this still scares the shit out of you. That made it perfect for bondage in a classic Fetters leather strait jacket and smooth leather hood. Both of these and possibly the boots are from Mister S.  Ed put me in the hood and jacket then watched over the scene for my safety. Wow, what a rush!


GALLERY: 90 / DATE: Jan 4 2010 / IMAGES: 69

Travis purchased this canvas sleepsack from Maxcita Caught In The Act. I have been suspended in this very well constructed piece of gear. The fellow Mark and Travis are suspending is about my height but a little slimmer. The medical restraints from Humane Restraints are Travis's trademark.


GALLERY: 89 / DATE: Jan 4 2010 / IMAGES: 68

In the years past the Serious Bondage Chair was the center of attention. Mark put hundreds of hours and hard work into creating this heavy bondage icon. We have pulled it out of the closet and fell in love with it once more. Not that any of us were ever not in love with this bondage over kill. Mark however did not realize how many of our fans remember the first time they saw this groin stirring chunk of pure bondage fetish. Almost everyone I know found this to be an early memory. I like a few others have had the opportunity to be strapped in. I keep finding more and more photos of very famous people from the kink world also strapped in its grip. The talk around SBI is that we may offer a weekend visit to Serious Bondage to hang with Mark and Dalton. There will be more on this in the future. This photo set was taken to produce revolving banners. They give you a better look at the chair.


GALLERY: 83 / DATE: Jan 3 2010 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

In this 30-minute video Mark has the privilege of interviewing Harold Cox, a collector of serious bondage gear and the owner of five jail cells which are installed in his mountain cabin in Pennsylvania. Harold has been a long-time collector of institutional restraint gear, having purchased his first set of handcuffs at age 15. At 78 he's still as keen as ever when it comes to locking someone in metal shackles and inviting them to spend the night (or two) in one of his serious and intimidating cells. As you will see in this video, Harold's fascination with jail cells has actually motivated him enough to seek out decommissioned prisons and arrange to buy pieces of barred walls and cell doors before they're sold for scrap. Many of us dream about doing this very thing (myself included), so it's a pleasure to interview a man who has actually gone to the trouble and expense to gather all of this heavy and cumbersome gear to use for his own pleasure. If you are wondering if this was worth all of Harold's time and effort, listen to the sounds of the electrically operated cell door in the video, and imagine yourself shackled to the wall as the lights are turned out for the night. This is nothing less than a Rite of Passage for those who yearn for this kind of experience.

In a publication titled ‘Checkmate' which Harold and his partner Bob published during the 1990's, they featured an article about jail cells titled ‘Recreational Cell Stays'. To this day that title still sends shivers of excitement through my entire body. With Harold's permission, we will reprint that article on SeriousBondage.com in the future. A special thanks to Harold and his partner Bob for inviting us into their home and allowing us to film this highly unique interview. Also, thank you to Max of Maxcita.com for arranging this trip and introduction.


GALLERY: 87 / DATE: Jan 1 2010 / IMAGES: 8

Tim is just the right size for our magic sleepsack. I call it that because it was free! This was made by a friend of Marks who lives in Los Angeles. He has produced some very cool items to use personally. He made smaller hoods and bondage gear for his very petite girl friend plus a few things in his size. One day we received an e-mail that said; "I'm cleaning out my dungeon and thought you would like some of my stuff". A few days later two large boxes arrived and this glove leather red sleepsack was in one. I have spent time in it myself in fact I had my ball skin zipped tightly into the zipper. We had no reoccurrences of this incidence since.


GALLERY: 86 / DATE: Dec 31 2009 / IMAGES: 22

The big boy is back. Martin of Rigid cuffs produces some of the most unique designs in heavy metal. William is a proud owner of several pieces. He bought these in years past when Rigidcuff was located in Europe. The transactions were over the internet so the customer was responsible for the measurements. William submitted his neck size and Martin promptly rejected it. He said it was impossible to be that large. After a long negotiation it was finally produced.


GALLERY: 88 / DATE: Dec 28 2009 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

In this short 5-minute video we see our rubber-clad subject Tim struggling against his metal restraints. Tim is hooded in a thick latex nose-only anatomical hood from Polymorphe. His cat suit and the metal restraints are from Mister-S. This scene might be the ultimate for those who love total enclosure rubber combined with inescapable bondage. There's nothing better than this extreme fetish experience. The metal restraints are harsh and completely unforgiving, and the bound subject finds themselves unable to escape their rubber enclosure. They are forced to endure the second skin of their anonymous and tight fitting rubber cocoon.


GALLERY: 132 / DATE: Dec 28 2009 / IMAGES: 69

The Bondage Erector Set was a new creation of Dungeon Delight. It is based on a smaller version and is now male sized. The package arrived the day before and then along came Tim ("Teeum") from the South. We coined the name Erector Set because of the multiple pieces and positions. The Wet suit from SquirmCo and fingerless mitts really helped the scene.


GALLERY: 133 / DATE: Dec 27 2009 / IMAGES: 52

Our friend Tim has a new love for rubber, not that he didn't love rubber before it's that he paid for it with his own money. That was a joke; Tim was unemployed for a long time and had to acquire rubber by other means. That was another joke. The rubber leggings and rubber jock are new from Mister S. The shackles and Polymorphe nose only rubber hood set things off. I'm not sure what the red means on the jock, perhaps it means yank my nipple rings off.


GALLERY: 81 / DATE: Dec 25 2009 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 2

This 30 minute video features an ultra-cool suspension system we constructed which rotates freely, and completely without noise. Our subject Tim was wearing his latex cat suit from Mister-S, and then zipped into a rubber sleepsack from KinkyKingLatex, and then strapped down to our new suspended rotating platform. We left him alone for a while, slowly spinning around in the room, while we sat in the other room and listened to him with a wireless baby monitor. Later on, we added a gas-mask over his hood, and Ed climbed on top of him just for laughs. This is a fun and humorous video; we hope you enjoy it as much as we did while shooting it.


GALLERY: 82 / DATE: Dec 21 2009 / IMAGES: 136

J G Leathers tries out a new generation bondage chair. John has been a pioneer in the kink world. I finally had the chance to visit his home and get to know him. He is an original for sure and he knows almost everyone of note in the worldwide kink community. Paul of Paul Mauser Studios created a newer version of the Serious Bondage chair. Mark built his years ago and surprisingly there have not been other attempts to duplicate or improve on the design since. Paul is the only one to our knowledge who has tried. From what I can see he has made some added tweaks.  It's no new idea to tie someone to a chair, but add twenty pounds of leather straps and I think you have something.


GALLERY: 78 / DATE: Dec 13 2009 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 2

In this 30 minute video Tim is wearing his Mister-S latex cat suit and ultra-thick nose-only Polymorphe anatomical rubber hood, and then strapped into a unique Mister-S suede-outside leather sleepsack. Once he is fully cocooned, the sleepsack is secured to a custom bondage platform. To up the ante, a gas-mask is fitted over the anatomical hood, which serves to deliver a complete rubber cocooning experience. Although the rubber hood is quite thick, its anatomical features allow a comfortable fit which Tim can endure for quite some time. An assortment of short leather straps are used to secure the sleepsack to the bondage platform, and once secured, the rig prevents Tim from moving in the slightest. This bondage experience is quite exciting and completely over the top, and should probably be rated an 8 on the SeriousBondage scale (1-10, ten being the highest). A special thanks to Tim, Ed and Dalton for participating in this fun video.


GALLERY: 65 / DATE: Dec 10 2009 / IMAGES: 98

Ed and Dalton are great friends. Bondage is what they love and very serious bondage is what they both really love. You know you can't get enough bondage unless you have a like minded friend. Even though we are of different sexual orientations there is no reason we can't enjoy what we really love. Ed is very skilled in applying the bondage Dalton dreams up. This episode is Dalton in the basement strapped in a pipe frame. He is in his Neoprene sleepsack I purchased from Mister S and leather hood with built in gag. Dalton uses ear plugs, tapes his eyes, wears a blindfold under his hood, and loves a posture collar. This time he was in a wetsuit with gloves boots and locking leather mitts. The CB 3000 with a Curve tube also from Mister S is not a daily thing, but a day or two makes things a little more sensitive. However, in this bondage scenario it eliminates any possibility of finding any friction. Dalton loves to explore the claustrophobic edge which translates into sexual energy. Then to frustrate that sexual energy in total overpowering bondage is what Dalton calls a good time. Ed is more than happy to monitor him as he moans and flexes his body in total frustration. Ed sits upstairs by the monitor and chats on the computer. He says he gets a great deal of joy bouncing around the chat rooms sharing the secret of having a straight guy tied up in the basement. The photo set is Ed removing Dalton after a long session.


GALLERY: 9 / DATE: Dec 7 2009 / IMAGES: 38

Dalton takes a ride in the world famous Serious Bondage chair. I must admit I was a fan of this chair from the first time I saw it on Serious Bondage. The list of famous kinky people who have been strapped in its grip is endless. I have found so many pictures of this icon. I think it went to Burning Man about ten or twelve years ago. Mark spent endless hours designing and building it plus many many many hours in its grip. I was honored to take a ride for pictures. I have this on my Fetlife page and have drawn a few comments. One was particularly funny, "Now that's what I call a bad ass stereo". The hood is a classic smooth leather tight fitting nose only hood from Mister S. The many hours of use over the years has made this hood my all time favorite. The posture collar and ear phones are essential to a Dalton session. The things you can't see are the earplugs, eye tape, personal gag, and chastity.


GALLERY: 2 / DATE: Dec 6 2009 / IMAGES: 135

The idea of building a secret and remote prison is not original, but a prison built for fun and personal use is definitely unique. We are fortunate to know a person who has such a passion for institutional restraints and jail cells that he invested a small fortune to build a jail house of his own. This building is quite remote and completely ‘off the grid'. The solar panels, windmill and battery banks make this location a perfect place for screaming. Mark and I traveled to this remote location on a weekday to check out this unique fortress prison. I was impressed mostly by what you can't see - the serious rebar enforced cinder block construction was also filled with concrete. I tapped on the walls and they were like solid stone so someone could be locked in the cell with a sledge hammer and never get out. In addition, the top of the cell is solid four inch poured reinforced concrete! The barred-wall ironwork is top rate because of the owner's love for serious metal bondage. While we were there we tried out every piece of gear on the property. This is definitely a place we will visit again.     


GALLERY: 29 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 130

Dental school never had this in mind as Ed and our rubber friend visit the dentist. We have fun here with photos. This session was for the sake of getting pictures of gear we would love to own. We found a rubberiest that has some of the thick industrial style rubber. Not everyone has that particular fetish, but Mark just goes nuts. The poor guy had no idea how much his strange taste in gear would be appreciated. We shot everything he owned twice. He actually left it here for a couple weeks. I never saw Mark try to wear it, but it did get "stored" in his bed room. Strange how it needed washed before the owner returned to pick it up. Most of this over the top rubber was manufactured by Studio Gum.


GALLERY: 4 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 148

Here's another look at the new Bondage Crib from RigidCuff. As shown in earlier galleries on this site, the Bondage Crib is made of heavy gauge welded steel and is the perfect toy for those who crave exceptionally serious institutional style bondage. The round steel rods which run down each side of the Crib allow various types of Humane Restraints to be used without damaging their leather straps. This Crib is a prototype so as you will see the barred top doesn't hinge or lock. The leather and canvas restraints are from Humane Restraint, tan leather muzzle is from MedicalToys. Thank you to our models Bondage Roadie (in the orange prisoner suit), Mummification Ed, and to MedicalToys for the use of their photo studio.


GALLERY: 11 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 16

The Famous Serious Bondage Table Stocks were no disappointment. Dalton finally got a chance to spend some time locked in their clutches. These things are very unforgiving and are built to fit in a certain sized person. Luckily I was at the time able to fit in all four pieces. The last time I was in them only the ankles head and wrists fit. That is more than enough to hold a small elephant. I'm wearing a vintage Mister S smooth leather hood. I love earplugs, eye tape and a steel chastity belt also from Mister S.

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