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GALLERY: 544 / DATE: Jul 14 2010 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

People who enjoy rubber usually like to be cocooned in multiple layers of tight and restrictive latex. In this video Rank's visitor is first outfitted in a latex cat suit and then covered in an armless amber latex straitjacket. To top off his experience a medical neck brace is added to keep the visitor's gas-masked head at strict attention.


GALLERY: 182 / DATE: Jul 12 2010 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Ed brought a friend to SBI and as usual we tied him up. However, this time I loaned a tens unit to Ed to torment his willing but helpless friend.  Soon he was squirming and moaning, but the humane restraints held tight. These were some we bought on line that were actually used in institutions. The chemistry was very special in this video.


GALLERY: 180 / DATE: Jul 7 2010 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X has another great idea.  He wanted to be upside down in the vertical cage. This drew a smile from everyone, but by now I knew it was fruitless to try and talk him out of trying.  I seem to be the engineer to figure a way to pull this off without serious injury.  First we used inversion boots I believe came from Mr S leathers in San Francisco. The other item was a very cool Neoprene walking bondage suit from 665 leathers in Los Angeles. Mikey and Tony gave me a hand as we helped Mister X live out another bondage dream.


GALLERY: 175 / DATE: Jul 5 2010 / IMAGES: 203

These photos were taken with my old digital camera. JG-Leathers had come to the Serious Bondage Institute for a visit, and as always, we had fun photographing him in all of his gear. We experimented with different lighting techniques and fog filters on the camera lens.

JG loves to experience all kinds of kink gear, especially bondage gear, and is famous for his invention known as ‘The Creature'.  It's an intense and serious stimulation assault system which incorporates bondage, rubber, gas mask and breath control, E-stim, vacuum suction and an overhead spring suspension system. JG travels all over the world and has met with all the manufacturers of latex, bondage and chastity.


GALLERY: 179 / DATE: Jul 2 2010 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 1

We took a trip north and played with some really cool super smooth swivels they have bearings and hold way over a ton. The idea was to change the movement from a spin to an oscillation. I enjoy sensory deprivation combined with movement. A simple spin is cool, but an unpredictable oscillating board is more disorienting. The compressing bondage helps too. Pooka was not able to do it with blindfold or hood without puking. I hate cleaning puke so we let him see what was happening.


GALLERY: 178 / DATE: Jun 26 2010 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

A friend of a friend of SeriousBondage.com came to town, and you will never guess... he wanted to get tied up. He's from Canada and goes by the name CdnBond on GearFetish and RubberZone. He wanted to try our vertical stocks so we set them up and asked him to wear the new latex he got from Mr S in San Francisco. Man, he sure looks hot in his latex! We locked him into the stocks, and not long after he had the normal result of heavy bondage on a guy - the telltale bulge in the pants - and to Mark's credit he did what was necessary to help our guest have a happy ending. There's nothing better than to have an explosive orgasm while in heavy, unforgiving, restrictive bondage. As many of you know, somehow the restriction seems to amplify your orgasm. And, if you ad some tight-fitting latex and a gas-mask to your experience it can take you over the top!


GALLERY: 65 / DATE: Dec 10 2009 / IMAGES: 98

Ed and Dalton are great friends. Bondage is what they love and very serious bondage is what they both really love. You know you can't get enough bondage unless you have a like minded friend. Even though we are of different sexual orientations there is no reason we can't enjoy what we really love. Ed is very skilled in applying the bondage Dalton dreams up. This episode is Dalton in the basement strapped in a pipe frame. He is in his Neoprene sleepsack I purchased from Mister S and leather hood with built in gag. Dalton uses ear plugs, tapes his eyes, wears a blindfold under his hood, and loves a posture collar. This time he was in a wetsuit with gloves boots and locking leather mitts. The CB 3000 with a Curve tube also from Mister S is not a daily thing, but a day or two makes things a little more sensitive. However, in this bondage scenario it eliminates any possibility of finding any friction. Dalton loves to explore the claustrophobic edge which translates into sexual energy. Then to frustrate that sexual energy in total overpowering bondage is what Dalton calls a good time. Ed is more than happy to monitor him as he moans and flexes his body in total frustration. Ed sits upstairs by the monitor and chats on the computer. He says he gets a great deal of joy bouncing around the chat rooms sharing the secret of having a straight guy tied up in the basement. The photo set is Ed removing Dalton after a long session.


GALLERY: 9 / DATE: Dec 7 2009 / IMAGES: 38

Dalton takes a ride in the world famous Serious Bondage chair. I must admit I was a fan of this chair from the first time I saw it on Serious Bondage. The list of famous kinky people who have been strapped in its grip is endless. I have found so many pictures of this icon. I think it went to Burning Man about ten or twelve years ago. Mark spent endless hours designing and building it plus many many many hours in its grip. I was honored to take a ride for pictures. I have this on my Fetlife page and have drawn a few comments. One was particularly funny, "Now that's what I call a bad ass stereo". The hood is a classic smooth leather tight fitting nose only hood from Mister S. The many hours of use over the years has made this hood my all time favorite. The posture collar and ear phones are essential to a Dalton session. The things you can't see are the earplugs, eye tape, personal gag, and chastity.


GALLERY: 2 / DATE: Dec 6 2009 / IMAGES: 135

The idea of building a secret and remote prison is not original, but a prison built for fun and personal use is definitely unique. We are fortunate to know a person who has such a passion for institutional restraints and jail cells that he invested a small fortune to build a jail house of his own. This building is quite remote and completely ‘off the grid'. The solar panels, windmill and battery banks make this location a perfect place for screaming. Mark and I traveled to this remote location on a weekday to check out this unique fortress prison. I was impressed mostly by what you can't see - the serious rebar enforced cinder block construction was also filled with concrete. I tapped on the walls and they were like solid stone so someone could be locked in the cell with a sledge hammer and never get out. In addition, the top of the cell is solid four inch poured reinforced concrete! The barred-wall ironwork is top rate because of the owner's love for serious metal bondage. While we were there we tried out every piece of gear on the property. This is definitely a place we will visit again.     


GALLERY: 29 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 130

Dental school never had this in mind as Ed and our rubber friend visit the dentist. We have fun here with photos. This session was for the sake of getting pictures of gear we would love to own. We found a rubberiest that has some of the thick industrial style rubber. Not everyone has that particular fetish, but Mark just goes nuts. The poor guy had no idea how much his strange taste in gear would be appreciated. We shot everything he owned twice. He actually left it here for a couple weeks. I never saw Mark try to wear it, but it did get "stored" in his bed room. Strange how it needed washed before the owner returned to pick it up. Most of this over the top rubber was manufactured by Studio Gum.


GALLERY: 4 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 148

Here's another look at the new Bondage Crib from RigidCuff. As shown in earlier galleries on this site, the Bondage Crib is made of heavy gauge welded steel and is the perfect toy for those who crave exceptionally serious institutional style bondage. The round steel rods which run down each side of the Crib allow various types of Humane Restraints to be used without damaging their leather straps. This Crib is a prototype so as you will see the barred top doesn't hinge or lock. The leather and canvas restraints are from Humane Restraint, tan leather muzzle is from MedicalToys. Thank you to our models Bondage Roadie (in the orange prisoner suit), Mummification Ed, and to MedicalToys for the use of their photo studio.


GALLERY: 11 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 16

The Famous Serious Bondage Table Stocks were no disappointment. Dalton finally got a chance to spend some time locked in their clutches. These things are very unforgiving and are built to fit in a certain sized person. Luckily I was at the time able to fit in all four pieces. The last time I was in them only the ankles head and wrists fit. That is more than enough to hold a small elephant. I'm wearing a vintage Mister S smooth leather hood. I love earplugs, eye tape and a steel chastity belt also from Mister S.


GALLERY: 25 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 116

Ed and Jamie try out my Neoprene Sleepsack that I purchased from Mister S in San Francisco. It is a small that fits me just right. It is tight on me which is how I like it because of the compression. I also purchased my first rubber gear from Kinky King it is also a sleepsack. Jamie is about my size so Ed asked if he could use them and I said sure. I thought they were for two people, but to my surprise Ed used them both. To top off this scene, Ed strapped him hooded and double bagged to a padded board with four inch straps. This is my kind of bondage I am always glad to see my gear used in a fun way.


GALLERY: 12 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 81

Dalton uses a string ice cube and key to enjoy some bondage. Everyone in the house seems busy so Dalton uses a string ice cube system to keep the keys out of reach for an hour or so. This is never recommended to practice alone so this is a warning to NEVER TRY THIS! This was a staged photo shoot, not a real practice.  Dalton has a  Mister S chastity device locked on. This is a secure piece that denies access absolutely. It is not practical for long term use, but short term it is powerful. The bondage table fits my style of open solid bondage. Enjoy the images; they bring back so much for me.


GALLERY: 6 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 106

Bud and Cirus share more intimate moments on the afternoon sun. The ball pillory from Mister S in San Francisco is one of the most effective forms of male bondage. A man's balls are unique to effective bondage with a part that has no bones. Other parts like wrists ankles and neck have rigid physical structures to lock in a cuff or tie with rope. The balls can be held with the same, but pain is the only limitation or restraint. Balls can be torn away if the bottom really must escape, but the others will not allow escape. If the house is on fire the bottom will live, but possibly without balls. "I want to play a game" does this sound like a good plot in a movie. The arm sleeves are from the Church Of Sinvention and ass to the beauty of the scene.


GALLERY: 80 / DATE: Dec 4 2009 / IMAGES: 98

Many bondage enthusiasts view prison and institutional incarceration play as the granddaddy of all captivity experiences. Solitary confinement, jail cells and solid steel shackles can push the limits of even the most seasoned practitioner, and for some, become a rite of passage once endured. Harold E. Cox, Ph. D., has spent years exploring this subject, and is nothing less than a walking encyclopedia on bondage and incarceration. His credits include the popular 1980's Checkmate bondage magazine, the organizer of the yearly international S&M rendezvous Delta Run, and a host of bondage books and writings which can be found on the Web and through Amazon.com. Harold is currently a Professor of History at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.

During a visit to Maxcita.com in August of 2009, Max took Dalton and I on a road trip to visit Harold and his partner Bob. Harold and Bob live in a spacious mountain cabin, and together they have constructed what most of us only dream about - a set of real jail cells designed for "recreational stays". Yep. This is as real as it gets. With years of sweat and hard work, Harold and Bob have painstakingly acquired components of real jail cells and integrated them into the basement and main floor of their house in the woods. Five cells in all, including one solitary confinement cell and another cell with an electrically-operated sliding door which is installed in Harold's bedroom.

Needless to say, just seeing these photos and hearing the term ‘recreational cell stay' can raise the heart beat of any serious bondage fan, and that's exactly what happened to me when I purchased my first issue of Checkmate magazine in 1998 and read that title on the cover. Having been in the closet since childhood about my jail cell fantasies, the notion of a ‘recreational jail cell stay' was almost more than I could imagine. Little did I know that ten years later I would actually meet the guys who wrote the article, published the magazine, and own the real cells.


GALLERY: 1 / DATE: Dec 3 2009 / IMAGES: 135 / VIDEOS: 5

In this 70 minute video Mark and Dalton visit Yossie's Remote Correctional Facility. Upon our arrival, we are able to release a prisoner who has been detained in the facility's jail cell, shackled with heavy chain and a pair of Rigid Cuff time-release cuffs. The fun continues with a restraint bench from BDG Sales, a wooden pillory, and a set of 5-way shackles which we use to secure the prisoner through the bars of the jail cell. For many of us, this Remote Correctional Facility is a fantasy come true. A special thanks to Yossie and his prisoner for allowing us to document this wonderful bondage installation.


GALLERY: 22 / DATE: Dec 2 2009 / IMAGES: 103

Medical Toys studios let us shoot in their warehouse last year. We had more fun using Martin from Rigid Cuff's bondage crib. The Maxcita strait jacket and Studio Gum gas mask combined with Human Restraints and we were all set. I love tying people up no matter who they are. Ed is one grateful subject.     


GALLERY: 66 / DATE: Dec 1 2009 / IMAGES: 76

On a recent visit to Canada we met Max of Maxcita "Caught in the Act" Straitjacket fame. In fact we stayed in his home and enjoyed his gracious hospitality. A local play space in Ottawa called Breathless had a party. Max took several pieces of gear including this heavy steel hogtie device. We found a willing boy for experimentation. 


GALLERY: 3 / DATE: Dec 1 2009 / IMAGES: 160


Here’s another unique bondage device from Martin of RigidCuff. It’s called a ‘C-Cuff’ or Cock Cuff. It’s a machined aluminum cuff that can be locked around a man’s penis and scrotum. In addition to an internal lock, a chain can be attached to the C-Cuff which allows the subject to be chained to other objects or used as a leash. The C-Cuff is only one in a long list of devices which have been created to hold, control and enforce chastity on a male. And better yet, let’s not forget the effort invested into holding, controling and enforcing chastity on a female. It's funny what we humans do with our spare time in this day and age. :-)

In any case, the C-Cuff shown in the following photos is a prototype. As you might assume, you would need to send your measurments to Martin in order to have one custom made in your particular size. As a matter of fact, this C-Cuff was a little big for our subject, but it was fine for demonstration purposes.

As you will see, it wasn’t long into our demonstration before we realized that we needed to attach a chain to the C-Cuff, so we handed a hex wrench to our friend ‘Mummification Ed” who disassembled the Cuff to attach the chain. This turned out to be a good idea, so you will see that a chain of any length can be attached or removed as needed.

Once the Cuff was secured to our model, Mummification Ed used a pair of Martin’s special ‘slip-chain’ wrist cuffs to secure him to a giant overhead chain. I think everyone had a good time during this demonstration, including our hooded model (although you can't see smiling).

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