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GALLERY: 262 / DATE: Dec 9 2010 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Rubber hood playtime is exactly what this is. The rubber hood with an internal mask built in from Instincts in the UK. It seals comfortably around the mouth and nose for a complete seal for breath play. Touching this fellow's bald head put him into a trance. Sensual rubber against his bare skin filled the room with a fetish smell. Pick up on the connection between the players. Sit back and enjoy this fun video. Metal collar from RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 252 / DATE: Dec 8 2010 / IMAGES: 85 / VIDEOS: 1

We visited Robbert or ‘Rubbert' as he prefers to be called, at his home in Canada. Rubbert is a serious bondage connoisseur and among his gear is an isolation chamber with an electric hoist which is mounted on an overhead track. This allows him to put someone in a sleepsack, lift them off of the floor, and then roll them into the chamber much like a butcher uses an overhead track system to move sides of beef. This update includes photos and a video of Rubbert's hoist and isolation chamber in use, plus a scary experiment he conducted with self bondage and an Ice Lock from Mr. S.


GALLERY: 258 / DATE: Dec 7 2010 / IMAGES: 131

These photos highlight a kinky make-out room at the Kitty Cat Club in Munich, Germany. This play room is an exhibitionist's dream come true. People inside the small padded room can have sex while people on the outside of the room can observe through the glass window. Cool, eh? I invited by rubber friend climb into the room while I shoot photos from the outside.


GALLERY: 259 / DATE: Dec 6 2010 / IMAGES: 17

I was shooting photos at the popular Dominion BDSM club in Los Angeles. After the photoshoot I was heading for the restroom when I happened to glance through a door which was ajar. To my amazement I saw a metallic room and a heavy metal cage. I asked the manager and she let me into the room to photograph this amazing setup.

This cage was serious. Whoever designed and built this over the top vault was truly kinky. It was not built to simply hold its victim, it was designed to imprison mind, body, and soul. The windows were half inch bars with ten bolts. The door latches were from a large semi trailer door, designed to withstand shifting pallets weighing thousands of pounds. If you were chained and naked inside the cage, the idea of escape would be demoralizing. That's a good thing, right?


GALLERY: 209 / DATE: Dec 4 2010 / IMAGES: 25

Again we stumble across some unique metal gear. It was hotter than hell in the rural northern California wilderness. The hundreds of empty acres gave a great backdrop to our jail house fun. This was a place where anything can be done in the open and gags are not necessary but just plain fun. This piece was probably a one of a kind restrain made of mostly aluminum. The unique cast aluminum collar was made for another purpose I'm sure, but it's funny how perverts find uses for things. Our young man was more than happy to endure a few hours in the confines of this very immobilizing piece of bondage gear.


GALLERY: 260 / DATE: Dec 2 2010 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 1

Ed is out and about again, he has two willing men who love bondage. The idea of wrapping two at once was not new, but wrapping them together was. The metal post is also a new addition to the Institute, Mark over engineered it as usual. They were total strangers for the most part, but after today they knew much more. The hoods were from 665 Leather of Los Angeles. They were both Neoprene with zip close fronts. Ed did his usual mummification. Then he applied a little electronic stimulation. Enjoy this fun video; I know our two guests did.


GALLERY: 261 / DATE: Dec 2 2010 / IMAGES: 148

We are honored to present these exclusive photos of Studio Gum in Vienna Austria and our meeting with the man who manufactures the most bizarre rubber fetish gear on the planet. We spent an afternoon in his basement workshop which is located on a side street of this beautiful European city. During our visit we toured his private gas-mask museum which contains over 500 respirators spanning from WW-I to the present. This unbelievable collection of breathing apparatus confirmed our suspicion that the owner of Studio Gum has a keen passion for heavy rubber headgear. As you see, his passion is expressed in the wide selection of cool and unique rubber gear which his business manufacturers.

A special thanks to Studio Gum for this amazing tour, and to our German friend Matthias for arranging the meeting and providing translation. More information about our tour can be found inside of this update.


GALLERY: 211 / DATE: Nov 28 2010 / IMAGES: 28

It was a very hot day north of San Francisco. The dirt back roads were dry and dusty. We were in the middle of nowhere as the sun climbed high in the sky. Our prison yard scene was very old school and reminded me of Cool Hand Luke. First we placed our young prisoner in the wooden stocks with a little extra immobilization. We thought it would be nice to leverage a little revenge play and had each prisoner discipline the other. Our plan was well worth the effort, as tempers flashed in the heat of the sun.


GALLERY: 254 / DATE: Nov 27 2010 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X again comes up with the impossible. He wanted to wear a single sleeve and be strapped to a post with his feet off of the floor. I have long ago stopped trying to talk him out of things. As long as it doesn't involve fire or strangulation, I'll give it a shot. Mister X has been around a while, but he is in very good shape and very flexible. The Neoprene hood from 665 out of Los Angeles is one of his favorites. It has only small holes for breathing and some sight. The single sleeve is leather and very effective. I love using strapped and as many as possible. I simply start strapping until Mister X says stop. This time he held on for much longer then I thought. I'm a sadist at heart and even though I'm very much aware of a person's comfort and safety, I'll tie them up as tight as they want. I figure that's please untie me is easy to say, but I get a little bit of joy watching them struggle. Mister X is an amazing bondage lover; he keeps coming back for more and more.


GALLERY: 230 / DATE: Nov 25 2010 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Ed, our resident social bondage butterfly, spends endless hours cruising the blogs and chat rooms for like minded bondage enthusiasts to share in our bondage fun.  Today he had the good fortune, or should I say all three had the good fortune to enjoy some new gear and some over the top bondage. The new and old purchases were very impressive. Our first participant recently bought an isolation leather hood, neoprene shorts, and neoprene sleepsack from Mr S Leather in San Francisco. Our second contestant sports his recent find of a used diving dry suit and leather straitjacket sleepsack. Both are securely stashed away for an afternoon of side by side bondage.


GALLERY: 245 / DATE: Nov 22 2010 / IMAGES: 10

Our friend Max of Maxcita.com shares some interesting details and history of this unique Humane Restraint prisoner transport device. Enclosing the hands in a thick and heavy leather sheath, the restraint is secured at the waist by a locking strap. The sheath is designed to prevent the prisoner from using their hands to grab or create mischief. Although the appearance of this device is quite serious and definitely institutional, Max is able to escape with relative ease.


GALLERY: 249 / DATE: Nov 18 2010 / IMAGES: 65

A fan of the site ‘Multi Angel' submitted these unusual photos of a humiliation device built by his Master which is called the Posture Frame. An upper torso structure forces Multi Angel to keep an upright position while a lower assembly of plastic tubing, wood dowels and elastic cords hold a metal rod tightly in his ass.  With each step or movement, this ‘Rube Goldberg' contraption relentlessly fucks him and reminds him of his submissive state.

Later improvements to this rig include metal rods which are attached to his shoes.  When Multi Angel walks, the rods move up and down and wiggle around. This brings additional attention with further embarrassment and humiliation to this poor lad. Multi Angel says he enjoys this inhumane, freaky and robot-like transformation into a slave/object, and the more bizarre and sexually embarrassing the better. Additional details of his experiences are included within this update.


GALLERY: 537 / DATE: Nov 14 2010 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank performs a special procedure on his 'Code Yellow' subject in the infamous SeriousBondage operating room. Rank's assistant Bouncer Pup is the anesthesiologists and is able to administer appropriate breath control with the use of the dual-cylinder bubbler bottle. E-stim is used to neutralize the subject, and as far as we know the operation was a success because a good time was had by all!   :-)


GALLERY: 248 / DATE: Nov 10 2010 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

In Part-2 of this three-part video we continue an interview with Van Darkholme (center image, center), the man behind the popular BoundGods website. Van talks about his interest in Shibari, his live bondage webcasts and new web site BoundInPublic, and shares some humorous tales about Nick Moretti and other men featured on his sites.

This interview was conducted by Mark of SeriousMaleBondage (center image, right), and MetalBond of the popular bondage blog MetalBondNYC (center image, left).

We would like to thank Van Darkholme for this unique and fun interview, and to the Kink.com marketing department for arranging this meeting.


GALLERY: 193 / DATE: Nov 9 2010 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of2 - The first part of this video was a very tricky Saint Andrews Cross suspension so Dalton had a real engineering task on his hands. Once the cross was secured with chains to the overhead hoist and our boy was strapped in, the real fun began. Luckily the boy was blindfolded because we ran him up to the top of the 16 foot high ceiling! This scene was really a lot of fun. Sometimes I can't believe we do this stuff. Next time we will give Chuck the control to the hoist so he can run the boy up and down himself. Leather straps, hood and chastity belt from Mr. S. Thank you to Twisted Clinic for the use of the cool warehouse.


GALLERY: 247 / DATE: Nov 4 2010 / IMAGES: 102

During a visit to the Institute, this poor guy got a taste of our serious outdoor metal bondage. We started bolting him down in the late afternoon, and by the time we applied the vibrator the sun was already down.

The metal consisted of some traditional steel pipe clamps to restrain his limbs, smaller pipe clamps to bind his fingers, and some Unistrut structural steel to make the overall experience more intense. As it was he completely enjoyed the experience, however we were not able to get him off with the vibrator because the sun went down and he got too cold. Next time we will start earlier. His cool neoprene front-zip hood is from 665Leather.


GALLERY: 246 / DATE: Nov 2 2010 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

Mummy Ed brought around another friend of the site, this time from the East Coast. He was a rubber fetishist, and was willing to enjoy his kink with Ed and at the same time allow us to document his experience.

We had just received some heavy rubber gloves and a cool anesthesia hood from Instincts in the UK, so we turned on the lights, fired up the camera, and he and Ed enjoyed some quality time playing with rubber. Ed stays out of camera's eye to make this video even more dramatic. We hope you enjoy watching this rubber fetishist enjoying his fetish. His latex surf-suit is from Mr. S, and the heavy metal collar is from RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 531 / DATE: Oct 27 2010 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Rank tests a new gas-mask and Bubbler Bottle design, and a unique silver vac-cube from Rage Rubber. This new cube features a special valve and air-tight diving zipper which allows the vacuum seal to be maintained after the vacuum cleaner is turned off. The gas-mask incorporates two hoses which allow both the inhale and exhale air to pass through it's own chamber of the bubbler bottle. This provides Rank a way to monitor his subject's inhale and exhale, and makes for an even more unusual experience for his rubber gimp.


GALLERY: 236 / DATE: Oct 25 2010 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video and photo set, Max of Maxcita.com, Warden Cox and ZeroTSM demonstrate a 'Sherwood Restraint Blanket'. This is an early institutional restraint made of heavy canvas which completely covers the patient and the bed. The Blanket has sewn-in straps which tether the patient and hold him in the middle of the Blanket. Max is first restrained in a straitjacket, and then further restrained to the bed underneath the Blanket.

As some of us already know, Max is a man of many bondage talents. He is a professional escape artist as well as a manufacturer of high quality bondage gear. Max is also known as ‘Dr. Mad Max' and has an interesting personal bondage web site of the same name: DrMadMax.com. However, what is not widely known is that around Halloween time Max becomes a twisted and scary bondage comedian. Yep! Check out the end of the video and see for yourself... but don't say I didn't warn you!


GALLERY: 244 / DATE: Oct 21 2010 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 2

It is our pleasure to present two fun straitjacket videos from JackBound.com. The titles of the videos are 'The Game' and 'Trapped'. The Game is a 7-minute video about two guys who tie each other up in straitjackets, and includes a cool scene of lowering a canvas mail bag from the attic with a straitjacketed guy inside (what a great idea!). Trapped is a fun 2-minute video featuring a guy in full latex and rubber straitjacket. Both of these videos are in the Quicktime 320x240 (half-size) video format. While viewing these videos the creator's passion for straitjackets becomes clear.

JacketBound is a free access website dedicated to Straitjackets. It contains a variety of videos and still images which were created by the owner of the site and by its members. If you visit the site, you will be required to register in order to obtain a free WordPress login and password. A special thanks to the fellow who runs JacketBound.com for sharing these videos with us.

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