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GALLERY: 380 / DATE: Nov 24 2011 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

SBI is always ready for some outrageous bondage. Our intern is moving and we have fiberglass and a van. Well, it isn't that simple there have been many fiberglass encasements but we had no idea how much our intern wanted to experience it. This time we chose a more traditional position, if there is such a thing as traditional bondage position. First layer was cotton which created a padded mummification for protection. Second was the usual pallet wrap and duct tape. Third was a very thick layer of medical fiberglass. We than positioned our cargo on a wheel around cart. This process took some time. The hours before we loaded up were spent in silent darkness.


GALLERY: 379 / DATE: Nov 20 2011 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 2

In October 2011 we turned on the web cam for a worldwide internet webcast. We live in an amazing age of technology - we can tie someone up in San Francisco and others can simultaneously jerk off while viewing our webcast in the UK, the Virgin Islands, and Pittsburg.

We thought it would be fun to simply turn on the camera and see what happens. Trapper Smith was visiting us for a few days. He is a fetishist with a large collection of tight fitting spandex and zenti suits. Trapper is a well built man with a love for spread eagle bondage. My idea of ‘more is more' gave him a little more bondage than he expected, oh well. This is not the web cast feed, because it was shot with an extra camera. The comments via email were very fun because it helped us realize how many bondage lovers live in this world.

Metal collar, stocks and ankle restraint are from RigidCuff, the black leather straps are from Mr. S, and the brown leather straps are from HumaneRestraint.


GALLERY: 376 / DATE: Nov 12 2011 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

SBI is always trying something new. The hardware store is where most of us got our first and possibly last public boner. I find hardware stores filled with so many possibilities but it was nice to find I'm not the only one. Our friend from Arizona, who has degrees out the ass, applied his massive intellect to bondage with crap from the hardware store. This was a moment that made me proud of our educational system. Well, enough tongue in cheek, lets bolt this guy to the deck. The costuming shows this was a real spontaneous scene, I only regret not cutting off his designer clothing. PVC, caps, brackets, elbows, and a little imagination was all we needed to immobilize Mumman.


GALLERY: 377 / DATE: Nov 10 2011 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

These two videos were created by our friend ‘DuckT' who lives in the UK. DuckT has been enjoying duct tape bondage since reading about Houdini as a kid. Years later he is a professional magician and illusionist, but still finds his happy place while sealed inside of head-to-toe duct tape mummification. Check out his two videos and insightful bio in this update. These two videos can be found elsewhere in the Web, but combined with DuckT's bio they make a highly unique and entertaining package. His first video is titled ‘Never Leave a Roll of Duck Tape Unattended' and will leave you rolling in laughter. His second video is time-compressed and documents his escape from duct tape mummification. A special thanks to DuckT for sharing his videos and history with us. Remember - do not leave a roll of duct tape unattended, you never know what may happen!


GALLERY: 375 / DATE: Nov 8 2011 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

One of the first things I did with Mumman was an outdoor scene on our deck. The oversized full body stocks were on his short list. We considered doing a vertical configuration, but chose to bolt it directly to the deck. Mumman loves tight feeling full coverage neoprene. His gear is well used because Mumman is not just a pose and photograph guy. After a long session of rigid tight bondage Mark thought it a good idea to hose him down.  


GALLERY: 374 / DATE: Nov 4 2011 / IMAGES: 73 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Steven from SMMedical.eu in the Netherlands sent us these amazing images of his new padded cell. Built in his house, he is able to lock himself in the cell for the night using a magnetic time lock. Clearly this is the kind of setup that many of us fantasize about owning ourselves. Steven told us that his primary interest is medical and institutional bondage gear, but we aren't sure what his cat is into...

This update includes a unique 7-minute infrared video, 75 still images, and a detailed description of his cell. Visit Steven's site SMMedical.eu for other interesting imagery.


GALLERY: 373 / DATE: Oct 31 2011 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend from Arizona loves, loves, loves bondage. We have restrained him overnight most of the nights he has stayed with us. This time Mark said lets use all of the metal restraints so I grabbed all of the chain I could find. The sheer weight of the chain would probably have held him down, but that isn't our way. This was a very intense shoot in more ways than one.


GALLERY: 371 / DATE: Oct 27 2011 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

Mark North lives in Northern Wisconsin and writes wonderful bondage stories which can be found on the popular MetalBond site under Stories by Mark North. Recently Mark shared with us one of his videos featuring a self-bondage scene he created with a magnetic time lock. This update contains an edited version of the video as well as an interesting text interview with Mark. We hope you enjoy it.

As always, we must remind everyone that self bondage activities are extremely dangerous and we do not recommend that anyone try them. While fantasizing about self bondage, it is possible to work ourselves into an erotic and adrenaline frenzy, and as a result we tend think with our cocks instead of our minds. This can lead us down a path of self bondage activities  that seem hot and exciting at the time, but are extremely risky and dangerous. Our excitement and adrenaline rush prevents us from thinking clearly about the possible dangers of our actions like fainting, overheating, panic, chocking, fatigue, house fires, dropped keys, Charlie horse or cramps, numbness, swelling and loss of circulation, burglars, etc. Unexpected things can – and will – happen during self bondage. Self bondage is a wonderful fantasy, but is not so good in reality. Play safe and always play with a partner present.


GALLERY: 370 / DATE: Oct 23 2011 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

The idea of recycling is not new. The idea of reusing casts has been on my mind for about a year. This started about the time we started putting people in casts. I have continually encouraged others to put this fairly expensive form fitting piece of bondage gear. This time I was sure Mumman got what I had suggested. In fact I used about half again as much material as I needed. This would give him a solid piece to ship home and customize. He is planning to line it with neoprene and build up the outside with auto fiberglass. Straps, locks, or latches will allow him to be in very tight bondage in a matter of minutes. We had one last night with Mumman so we thought a road trip was in order. We visited Mr S Leather and Wicked Grounds, a former kinky coffee shop. Strangely it was the next day when I heard it was closed; too bad it was a very fun place.


GALLERY: 369 / DATE: Oct 19 2011 / IMAGES: 86 / VIDEOS: 2

Mumman came to visit and visit and visit. On one of his last days we decided to cast him in fiberglass. The idea was to make a thick enough cast to reuse. It worked quite well because we taped it back on the next day. This was a lot of fun for everyone because we also used our talents to decorate. Again I learned more about positioning a person and making it fit without pressure points. Mumman was very grateful for his cast and looks forward to spending many hours locked inside.


GALLERY: 368 / DATE: Oct 13 2011 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a very intimate video for the rubber fetishist. These two rubber lovers have a very powerful connection. The main gear is a heavy duty Maxcita made vacuum bed. The thick rubber and added feature of silent makes this the state of the art vacuum bed. It is silent because of the dry suit zippers that retain the vacuum without use of the vacuum cleaner. The other rubber pieces are from various sources. Like I said it is a rubber fetishist's wet dream.


GALLERY: 367 / DATE: Oct 9 2011 / IMAGES: 68

This rubber dude asked us if he could try some RigidCuff bondage gear. He already had a great look going with his breather mask, tinted goggles and skin-tight latex. When we added the metal gear over his shiny rubber-clad body he took on the appearance of a futuristic Star Wars space prisoner. Hot! For those of us who enjoy heavy rubber combined with over-the-top bondage, this is the ultimate scene - completely cocooned in rubber and unable to escape the heavy metal restraints. This update contains 68 still images.


GALLERY: 364 / DATE: Sep 27 2011 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Mumman from Fetlife and Ed had a plan for a long term chair bondage mummification. I arrived long after Ed had worked his magic and Mumman was secured and well on his journey. Mumman has been secured in a sitting position with a base layer neoprene wet suit. His head had been encased in tight tape bondage with a blindfold and an effective gag. Soon I hear him mumbling a request and after a few moments of fun, I realized he wanted to be suspended. My first reaction is first, "yeah right", but then I start to engineer a plan in my head. Soon I'm putting a strap here and a strap there and before you know it is happening. The main problem was his hand position and his top heaviness. As time went on I added more and more. Mumman was quite happy.


GALLERY: 362 / DATE: Sep 23 2011 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank had two boys to play with and Doctor Mad Max was more than happy to help. They are both serious rubber fetishists as are the boys. The gear in this shoot is heavy duty with a sexual energy that shows in this video. The playfulness of this warm weather San Francisco shoot is intense. Doctor Mad Max is the manufacturer of Caught in the Act Maxcita canvas and rubber gear. While you watch, notice the twinkle in his eye.


GALLERY: 363 / DATE: Sep 19 2011 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Mumman came to visit and I was happy to help him rubber. Maxcita was also visiting and happened to have a heavy rubber sleepsack that would fit him. I have had two very emotional reactions to several hours in a rubber sleepsack. I can't explain this but I think it is the wet organic feel. I wanted Mumman to experience it in isolation with the added motion of the swivel board. The hood was also borrowed and was manufactured by Mr.S as well as the leather straps. It is a puffy compression hood second to none. A great time was had by all.


GALLERY: 361 / DATE: Sep 15 2011 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

Doctor Mad Max recently visited SBI with a ton of serious bondage gear. Max loves heavy rubber and is happy to share. During his visit we invited a few of his fans. This evening was our first willing participant. The first bag was produced by Max and the second by an unknown manufacturer. Max had acquired it in a gear trade many years ago. Both were extra heavy and both had access zippers. Doctor Max expertly tied him and expertly tormented him. This is a great video.


GALLERY: 359 / DATE: Sep 11 2011 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank is a rubber fetishist. He is not just a guy with a couple of pieces of rubber gear or a cat suit. He has a passion that has cost him more than he should spend on rubber gear. The day that he arrived, another rubber fetishist was here. The vertical stocks were the perfect place to restrain him while he had a moment with his full coverage rubber. He was also locked down by Mr.S ankle shackles This video is a fun time of fetish, bondage, and teasing.


GALLERY: 341 / DATE: Jun 24 2011 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

You know when the boys get together there is always a measuring game. Today the subject was gear. Mark has a special love for metal gear and others have rubber gear as their main kink focus. This video is informative, but if you are a true gear head, I imagine it's enough to rub out a couple. Martin's RigidCuff metal gear and Blackstyle Rubber wear.


GALLERY: 340 / DATE: Jun 16 2011 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 1

From time to time you come up with something new. Dalton had this idea swirling around in his mind for a couple of hours before Mikey and Tony arrived. We have used the Studio Gum sleepsack several times before, but never like this. It is thick luscious rubber with a great deal of pressure when it is fully inflated. Dalton is like the Tool Time guy, he just can't resist tuning things up. The bag has been compressed with rope and straps, but the fear of blowing out a seam was always an issue. This piece was borrowed from a friend and costs around three grand so breaking it is not an option. This wasn't going to stop Dalton so we decided to mummify the entire bag. We wrapped it with pallet wrap then with duct tape. We inflated the bottom chamber first the inflated the top chamber after it was fully enclosed. The pressure grew to a point where Mikey had to labor to breathe. He said he had never felt so much pressure. Dalton would ask him if he wanted more air and after a few seconds he would say yes. The outside was as tight as a soccer ball as the pressure grew and grew. The best indication that Mikey was safe was his erect cock. Mikey is a bondage pig, so I thought he would be an even better bondage guinea pig. This worked better than I first imagined.


GALLERY: 337 / DATE: Jun 9 2011 / IMAGES: 188 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of2 - For those who enjoy heavy bondage and tickling, this video may be for you. We used every Humane Restraint strap and cuff we had to restrain Jamie in our heavy steel bondage crib. In addition to all the straps and cuffs, we also incorporated a pair of unique canvas helpless mitts to Jamie's hands which made his situation even more inescapable. To top things off, we threw a heavy padded leather isolation hood over Jamie's head. Let the tickling begin!

As you can see, we always manage to come up with some crazy bondage scene to keep ourselves entertained. And while we tickled Jamie, we had another friend locked in the bizarre isolation booth in the background. I won't say any more about the isolation booth, but let's just say that it makes a great conversation piece.

This update includes Part-1 of the video and 188 still photos. Part-2 will be available in the future and includes Jamie in an inflatable Studio Gum bag and Doctor Wood of MedicalToys explaining the technical merits of inflatable silicon Enema Nozzles. Yikes!

The straps and cuffs in this update are from Humane Restraint, canvas mitts are from Maxcita, white isolation hood is from MedicalToys, and the ultra-cool and over-the-top steel Bondage Crib is from our friend Martin at RigidCuff. A special thanks to Jamie for being part of our bondage antics, and to MedicalToys.com for allowing us to shoot in their Northern California facility.

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