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GALLERY: 294 / DATE: Jan 31 2011 / IMAGES: 147 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey of guystiedup.com and Tony were anxious to try the new bondage chair. I have been playing with it privately for some time. It was a chair that was one of four we found on the street. The wicker seats were damaged, but who needs a seat. I made a seat with access and a padded ridge to emphasize the effects of a plug. The idea was to create a comfortable but immovable position. The use of straps from head to toe has been developed over time. Cock and ball bondage is very effective in this position. I have created two of these chairs, one for use in another location. There is nothing like the frustrating position of being teased with no ability to move toward the stimulation or away from the plug. Mikey and Tony have their own style of play. The chemistry between these two is obvious. The one thing for sure is Mikey is ticklish.


GALLERY: 293 / DATE: Jan 28 2011 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 1

Serious Bondage has forged ahead with a live web cast. We alerted MetalBond, our biggest SeriousMaleBondage.com fan of our plan to do a quick live web cast. Only a couple hours earlier, we talked about doing something live. Ed was available along with Mikey and Tony. I had an idea of using a chair I have used for self bondage and personal private play. I have had several long endurance sessions along with several really powerful blowjobs. The chair fits my body perfectly, but fit Ed fairly well even though he is larger. I mounted the Oak chair to a plywood circle to prevent tipping. The toe and foot bondage is very effective. Twenty two straps and head bondage makes this a very overwhelming but very comfortable bondage. I usually experience this naked with a plug plus cock and ball bondage. I have spent several hours in this rig, but I leave the straps snug but not too tight. I can put myself into 90% of this, but my upper bondage and elbows lack proper attention. The previous chair was pine and failed under a partial escape attempt. Like most bondage gear it has been improved to foil att attempted escapes. Enjoy this edited video.


GALLERY: 278 / DATE: Jan 25 2011 / IMAGES: 36

When our friend Louis comes to visit he always wants to be tied up. As a matter of fact, he considers his stay at the Serious Bondage Institute a mini-vacation. In this brief set of photos we documented his latest restraint adventure. Mind you, Louis is the one to think up the bondage scenario and round up the gear, and all he wants us to do is strap him in and leave him for a few hours (or sometimes overnight). Louis has a big bladder. Louis brought a pair of unique boots with him which he found at a thrift store. I think they are Snow Boarding Boots. Notice the cool metal attachment points. Thanks for the idea Louis! Straitjacket and black leather straps from Mr. S, tan leather straps and canvas bed belts from Humane Restraint.


GALLERY: 291 / DATE: Jan 22 2011 / IMAGES: 63 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey and Tony have a great energy, I always love shooting with them. Mikey has a very cool blog GuysTiedUp.com (however Tony is still waiting for Mikey to build his). Mikey is an absolute bondage pig and Tony is a "sadistic bastard Sir", according to Mikey. Today we tried an old piece of gear in a new place, the closet. This is a very old San Francisco home with wood floors very thick plastered walls. The walls feel like cement and this room or closet actually has an echo. The chair has been fit into this space by removing the door frame, which makes it impossible to get the chair out. It is also bolted to the floor. The full headed gasmask from Studio Gum. The bubbler bottle is home made by SBI. The interaction between these two is always very hot.


GALLERY: 290 / DATE: Jan 20 2011 / IMAGES: 79 / VIDEOS: 1

The Serious Bondage Institute takes a technical leap forward. Our first attempt at a live webcast was a success far beyond what was expexted. The idea of broadcasting a bondage session internationally has reached reality. We set up our cameras and told a few friends, all we needed was a willing subject. Ed had a friend from out of town that had the desire to be mummified. There was no time like the present to share this with our fans. Recon and MetalBond chat rooms became a buzz and the link was spread around. We had more audience then we could hope for with little or no advertisement. Mark relayed comments from the chat rooms and emails which made us realize just how cool this was. Some of our close friends teased while total strangers from Europe asked questions. This was no large production; we just wanted to see if it would work. It stimulated our imaginations to do more elaborate and more interactive productions. Thank everyone who linked in, we hope you will join us in the future. This is the edited second hour.


GALLERY: 256 / DATE: Jan 19 2011 / IMAGES: 142

As you can see in these photos, there is no lack of gear to play with when you visit the Serious Bondage Institute. In addition to our own gear, our friends Vic and Tim brought some of their favorite toys, so the result was a smorgasbord of stuff to play with. (as an example, hanging in the background is Vic's custom stainless steel torso cage)

Vic started by securing Tim in a Mr. S padded straitjacket and ‘Bishop Muzzle', and then used a Mr. S suspension harness to suspend him off of the floor. Once suspended, Vic attached a spreader bar between Tim's ankles which turned out to be a really hot configuration. He was totally helpless and available.

After the suspension, Vic helped Tim to the floor where he then zipped and strapped him into an ultra-cool, custom, Mr. S two-layer leather leg sack. This leg sack is great because it has two layers of leather so it is really thick, corset-style lacing down the back which allows it to fit like a second skin on a variety of people, and a wide and double-thick waist belt which brings the whole thing together. This piece of gear, when combined with our custom, heavy, Mr. S two-layer straitjacket (not shown in these photos) takes the leather bondage experience over the top for an overwhelming and very serious bondage experience. This bondage is great, but what I especially like is the heavy weight of the gear itself. It's like that heavy lead blanket they put over you at the dentist office before they take an x-ray. It's the sheer weight of the gear and it's resistance to your struggling that is the turn on for me. The weight of the gear has a wonderful emotional impact on your psyche, because you can immediately sense how futile it is to try to escape. The gear wins because of its restrictiveness AND its weight.

Vic removed Tim's muzzle and replaced it with our favorite form-fitting leather hood with pin-hole eyes (also from Mr. S). This ensemble put Tim into a complete head-to-toe heavy leather cocoon.

I was the one taking the photos during the scene, and since I'm a fan of metal bondage, I handed Vic a 4-chain RigidCuff heavy metal collar to lock around Tim's neck. Fantastic! If we only had a bolt in the floor we could have locked one of the chains to it and left Tim to flail around on the floor in bondage bliss. As it was, this combination of gear is my idea of a great bondage experience, and what a fun time we had. Notice the other cool RigidCuff shackles hanging in the background. They make some great gear which we will feature more of in the future.

A special thanks to our friends Vic and Tim, and to Mr. S and RigidCuff for manufacturing this cool gear.


GALLERY: 289 / DATE: Jan 18 2011 / IMAGES: 78 / VIDEOS: 1

The Serious Bondage Institute takes a technical leap forward. Our first attempt at a live webcast was a success for the most part. The idea of broadcasting a bondage session internationally has reached reality. We set up our cameras and told a few friends, all we needed was a willing subject. Ed had a friend from out of town that had the desire to be mummified. There was no time like the present to share this with our fans. Recon and MetalBond chat rooms became a buzz and the link was spread around. We had more audience then we could hope for with little or no advertisement. Mark relayed comments from the chat rooms and emails which made us realize just how cool this was. Some of our close friends teased while total strangers from Europe asked questions. This was no large production; we just wanted to see if it would work. It stimulated our imaginations to do more elaborate and more interactive productions. Thank everyone who linked in, we hope you will join us in the future. This is the edited first hour.


GALLERY: 257 / DATE: Jan 17 2011 / IMAGES: 20

I was in Germany in 2006 and visited the popular Kitty Cat Club in Munich. Wow! What a club! Two floors with 8 playrooms, two full bars, a dance floor with a live DJ, a big socializing room, and dressing rooms so you can arrive in your street clothes and change into your fetish clothes before entering the club (fetish attire is required). I wish we had a night club like this in the US. It was very clean and well run, and there was plenty of gear to play with in each room.

I had attended the popular Boundcon bondage event earlier that day where I had met a guy who was into latex, and that evening he showed up at the Kitty Cat Club so I strapped him into this cool electrocution chair for a few pictures. The chair was made by a local metal artist Robert Mayer. The wood frame of the chair and the heavy tan straps against my friend's latex turned out to be quite exciting for everyone. There were lots of onlookers.

In the background of a few of the photos you can see a vacuum cleaner attached to a silver vertical frame made of round pipe. This is a vertical 'vac bed' which can be hoisted off the floor once the person has been sucked down and pinned between the two sheets of latex (latex sheets not shown). The Kitty Cat night club seemed to spare no expense when it came to the furnishings.


GALLERY: 283 / DATE: Jan 16 2011 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Custom Posey Restraint Sheet

This restraint sheet is a custom version of their "Posey Restraint Net". Product number #8115.

The "current" version (Catalog dated 1996) has only 5 straps across the body, but does have an additional one from the center bottom to the foot of the bed. The restraint net in the pictures has 7 straps across the body.

From their catalog: "Ideal for total immobilization without patient discomfort or medication."

Some of the custom and not current features of this item include:

Three cuffs for each arm. A pair of thigh cuffs. A pair of calf cuffs. Extra length. A "V" strap that goes over the head. This use to be standard. A crotch strap. A waist strap. This use to be standard. A chest strap. This use to be standard. Use of friction buckles instead of D rings.

This video shows this unique piece of institutional restraint gear in use. Please follow this link for more information.http://sj.blacksteel.com/posey-restraint-sheet/


GALLERY: 288 / DATE: Jan 13 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

The research continues in the area of medical fiberglass. We have now had enough experience to begin to refine our quality of work. We knew our willing guinea pig would enjoy having a very cool piece of gear to take home. He is very crafty and creative, so the next time we see this fiberglass head case it will have hinges and locks I'm sure. There were a few things we were unsure of in the beginning, the noise, the saw, and the tightness.  Now that we are more comfortable doing this, we make it tighter and cut it off with more purpose. The bondage is tight without pressure points so it could be worn for many more hours than a more compressing hood. Yossie of Blacksteel.com was our most experienced technicians.


GALLERY: 282 / DATE: Jan 6 2011 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of4 - A friend of Serious Bondage invited us to visit his beautiful play space. This space is very well equipped in its own right, but we had several institutional restraint systems of our own.  We used a small medical type bed to restrain our willing and obviously very stimulated volunteer. The first was a bed restraint system made by Humane Restraints. These are now out of service in most institutions because they have been replaced by Velcro and plastic models. The porous leather and body fluids became a health hazard. Most restraints have unfortunately been replaced by the use of calming drugs and shifting hospital policies. As they were replaced most were destroyed, but some made their way to Ebay. These restraints were from a real institution and showed many years of hard use. The only piece of gear which is not authentic was our tan muzzle, which we obtained from TwistedClinic.com.


GALLERY: 271 / DATE: Jan 6 2011 / IMAGES: 93

This set of photos was taken a number of years ago and features a friend of this web site who loved to be restrained in multi-layers of tight latex rubber. He is first outfitted in a Mr. S latex surf suit. He then dons a unique molded latex gas-mask hood from Maxcita and climbs into his heavy weight latex sleepsack with internal sleeves. Once he's zipped in to the sleepsack, we used a number of Mr. S two-inch leather straps to secure him to the wire bed frame. What a great sight. For those who play with heavy rubber and tight restraint, you'll know what this experience is all about - your body cocooned in multi-layer latex, your head encased in heavy rubber with a gas-mask controlling your breath and limiting your vision, with each inhale permeated with the odor of natural rubber. There is no way to escape; you are completely helpless, encapsulated head-to-toe in this bizarre, thick, skin-like material.

As you peer through the lenses of your gas-mask, you experience a strange emotional distance from the rest of the room. The ear plugs ad to this separation, as the only sounds you can hear are that of your own breathing. This is a definitely a solo adventure. You are slipping far away from the everyday world, your life, your surroundings. This is also an extremely erotic experience. Your cock is hard, and with your pre-cum you find it pleasurable to hump the tight slippery layers of rubber which confine your throbbing member.

You breath is hot and moist as it passes back and forth through the chambers of the gas-mask, and the white inhale limiter screwed onto the intake port reminds you of just how little control you have over your situation. The feeling of the tight-fitting latex against your body is extremely enjoyable, but you realize that if you get too excited while humping the rubber you might overheat and panic. Heavy rubber, especially multi-layer, doesn't breathe at all, so you need to be mindful about not overtaxing yourself. You are alone, so remember to pace yourself. You are riding the edge. I know it's difficult to stay calm with that big plug up your ass. That's part of the experience.


GALLERY: 281 / DATE: Jan 2 2011 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

At the end of our interview with Van Darkholme of Bound Gods, MetalBond and I went on a brief tour of Kink.com's infamous ‘Upper Floor' where they do live webcasts of BDSM scenes for their website of the same name. The building manager also showed us the ‘saloon' set in the basement which is designed to look like a real bar where they also shoot BDSM scenes. The Kink.com building is four stories and occupies an entire city block in San Francisco. Unbelievable. It reminds me of being in Hollywood. Last time I checked they operate an impressive 26 websites including the popular gay sites Bound In Public, Naked Kombat, Bound Gods, Butt Machine Boys and Male Wank.


GALLERY: 272 / DATE: Dec 30 2010 / IMAGES: 125

As you may know, we love to visit our local Mr. S store in San Francisco because we never know what will be happening when we arrive. On this day we were able to photograph the test of a neoprene sleepsack by two store employees. This type of sleepsack is very snug, durable, and easy to wash. As a matter of fact, we own one ourselves and photograph it often for our web sites. It has a heavy front zipper and the traditional internal sleeves.

In these photos you will see that the guys had a lot of fun with the sack, especially when it was suspended over a Dungeon Bed steel bondage bed frame which can also be purchased on the Mr. S web site. I had a good laugh when the suspension part of the test was underway and one of the guys announced "almost nobody has died from doing this". A special thanks to the Mr. S store and its employees for allowing us to photograph their crazy antics. Imagine having a job where bondage play is part of your daily responsibilities?


GALLERY: 280 / DATE: Dec 27 2010 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X is so much fun to restrain. I can let my creative juices flow because he is pretty tough. Tonight I dragged out a fairly old piece of leather gear and found a new way to use it. I love leather better than any other bondage gear. I'll play with anything, but leather just has a smell and feel like nothing else. Mister X fits about everything we have because he is an extra-medium like me. I have spent only a short time in this particular leg sleeve and jacket, but as I tap out this description I'm sure that tonight I'll spend a few hours strapped in the center of a friend's king size bed in this same gear. Mister X is shown here in a Mr. S straitjacket, hood and custom leather leg sleeve.


GALLERY: 279 / DATE: Dec 24 2010 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

Last week was a chance to meet Trapper Smith on our home turf. The last time was in LA and it was a great deal of fun. Trapper's zentai suit fetish and love for bondage is powerful, I was happy to help him out. I had that involved a suspension and Trapper was willing to give it a shot. Mummification is not new, but I have never used our, what we have named "gingerbread board" for suspension. It took a little planning to figure the stresses and strains of this position. It isn't nice to break willing bondage models, so safety is as always my first priority. Everything goes well and Trapper was impressed with how comfortable and restrictive this position is. He put his best effort into trying to escape; you can see this clearly in this video.


GALLERY: 198 / DATE: Dec 23 2010 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2of2 -  This video captures the magic interaction between these two relative strangers. Our visit to Medical Toys was a great deal of fun and the place is full of very cool bondage gear. One piece is the aluminum ball made by Corey of Metalbound.  The simple tie I did put our young boy in a very compromising position, and the local domme took right to the task of playing. I think these two guys had a good time.


GALLERY: 273 / DATE: Dec 22 2010 / IMAGES: 88

There it was, an empty wooden crate stored in the garage at the Serious Bondage Institute. It was calling my name. The crate had been there for months, but one Sunday afternoon I felt it was time to give it a shot - to see what it would be like to be sealed up inside. I was in a mood to get freaky. I went to the hardware store and bought a box of wood screws.  I wanted Mark and Dalton to use the screws to seal the lid shut. No escape. Serious business. I wanted to feel like I was simply a crated person just sitting in a warehouse. 

To up the ante, I bolted a small metallic handle to the inside wall of the crate which would be used for securing handcuffs. My wrists would be locked in the handcuffs and attached to the handle which would give me a greater sense of helplessness. This was a great idea, however, before the lid was fully screwed down I discovered that the handcuffs were too painful on my wrists. Luckily, the next best thing was a Mr. S leather straightjacket. As you will see in the photos, I was already wearing my thin-strapped orange one-piece Speedo lifeguard swimsuit under my street clothes, which felt really great under the straitjacket. Did I mention that I love spandex swimsuits? Note to self: splinters in the bottom of the crate pass right through spandex.

I had covered the holes on the side of the crate with duct tape, but Mark peeled it off to shoot some photos of me inside. Damn. Have you ever had dreams of being sealed inside of a box like this? Well, the experience was one of my many kinky dreams come true. You will see more photos of the crate on this web site in the future because this was only a test run at the Serious Bondage Institute. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 265 / DATE: Dec 15 2010 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

Trapper Smith visits us again from the cold country of the North East. This time we showed him a good time with an adventure in the SBI deck cell. Trapper puts on his best wet suit for a cold afternoon in metal bondage. The funny thing about this session was that we forgot that the keys were inside the cell with him. Fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, Trapper could not unlock himself. He was imagining a grand entrance through front door of our house after his daring escape, but instead he spent the afternoon frustrated that he couldn't reach the key holes in his shackles even though he had the keys right in his hand! Ha! Ha! Enjoy this well positioned video and watch Trapper fume and fuss in delightful frustration. Trapper's custom Clejuso wrist cuffs with special locking grabbers can be ordered through RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 269 / DATE: Dec 14 2010 / IMAGES: 131

This set of photos features a fan of the site whose on-line name is 'In Latex Always'. He was in San Francisco for a few days on business, and wanted to meet us and visit the Mr. S store during his free time. He had brought some of his latex with him (to wear in the hotel room), so we persuaded him to bring his latex when he came to meet us, put it on, and we would take him to Mr. S in our car. After donning his cat suit, rubber corset, boots, Studio Gum hood and mitts, we surprised him with a heavy collar and multi-chain wrist and leg irons from RigidCuff. We applied these heavy metal restraints over his latex, and the results were quite stunning. The metal contrasted quite nicely against his black rubber, and he was completely helpless while sealed inside of his rubber cocoon. To further his unique experience we utilized a number of long leather straps from Mr. S to secure him into the car seat for the trip downtown.

We found a parking right in front of the store, and as soon as we turned off the engine Richard Hunter (the store owner) happened to be walking out the front door so we called to him and within seconds he climbed into the car and took advantage of our helpless passenger.

It's always a pleasure to visit the Mr. S store because you never know what will happen - especially if you arrive while wearing rubber or bondage gear and Richard Hunter happens to be around. We often kid Richard about this, and we have actually written a number of fun articles about Richard and his infamous store which are featured on our free access SeriousBondage.com site. Check'em out:  Another Day at the Office, Dungeon in the Sky, Stop the Press, and An E-Ticket Ride.

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