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GALLERY: 270 / DATE: May 9 2011 / IMAGES: 33

This San Francisco resident has a jail cell in his home, and the ultimate recreational self-bondage experience is provided by this electronic time lock. Yossie's popular basement jail cell has been featured on this web site before, but here's a feature we haven't covered until now. It's an electronic time release key box. This welded solid steel box will hold the keys to the cell and your shackles for a predetermined amount of time, and when that time is up the hinged door to the box will be unlocked and you will be able to access the keys. The steel box is mounted into the wall of the jail cell. Inside the box is a set of batteries, solid state lawn sprinkler timer, earthquake detector, and a powerful electromagnet which keeps the door locked. When the electromagnet is off, the front door of the box swings open freely. Inside, there is a metal shelf where your keys are put. After setting the lawn timer, the door is shut whereupon it can't be opened again until the preset time is up.

A special earthquake sensor consists of a big steel ball bearing which sits on a small push button switch. So long as the button is being pressed by the steel ball, the circuit is closed to the door magnet. During an earthquake, the steel ball is toppled off of the switch and opens the circuit to the magnet and unlocks the door.

Warning - self-bondage is quite dangerous. If you practice self-bondage, do so at your own risk. Unexpected events like panic, house fires, gas leaks, earthquakes, burglars, sickness or cramps can arise without warning and turn a sexy self-bondage experience into a nightmare and possible fatality.


GALLERY: 327 / DATE: May 7 2011 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey and Tony once again visit SBI. This time I took the scene in hand and strapped Mikey to a padded board suspended on a swivel. First I put him in a Top to Bottom Leather discipline hood. It is new and fully leather lined. The new leather smell is heady, dick hardening heady. Next the Mr.S leather straps, some toe bondage, head bondage, helpless Leather mitts from Church of Sinvention and Tony. This was a long hour long intense scene, Mikey survived and was very grateful. This is a very real video, enjoy.


GALLERY: 170 / DATE: May 5 2011 / IMAGES: 11

Here are a few photos of a unique device made by our friend Martin of RigidCuff. It's a variation of the famous ‘Scavenger's Daughter', a device created during the Medieval times to hold the ankles, wrists and neck. This is the first version that Martin made, and there's a second and more refined version on the drawing board. This first version uses a thick steel bar which connects all of the pieces together. If you look closely, the steel bar is covered with hollow steel pipe cut at various lengths. Inside the steel pipe, the steel bar is also cut at various lengths and threaded together. All of the varying lengths of pipes and bars allow the bondage points to be positioned closer or farther apart, allowing the prisoner to be held in different bondage positions. Cool, eh?


GALLERY: 326 / DATE: May 3 2011 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

 Mister X is a great asset to our web site. He is a very imaginative and very passionate bondage lover. He is continually dreaming and scheming to get put into heavy bondage. I love how he sends pictures and descriptions of bondage gear and positions. This was no exception. Mister X knows about our gear and how I enjoy a challenge. This full leather hanging hogtie was more spontaneous then you can see in the video. The original plan did not include a suspension. However, the bondage was secure enough that I just hoisted him up. Mister X said the position was very comfortable and could be tolerated for an extended period of time. Straightjacket, Leather leg sack and leather straps that made this happen are all from Mr.S.


GALLERY: 322 / DATE: Apr 24 2011 / IMAGES: 265 / VIDEOS: 2

Part 2of2 - JG-Leathers demonstrates his famous ‘Creature' bondage and sensory stimulation rig. As you will see, this collection of gear takes a lot of preparation and tweaking to provide JG with the optimal experience, or ride.

On the preparation list are a pair of ErosTek e-stim units that need to be adjusted. The four individual stimulation channels of these units are connected to JG's nipples, cock and but plug, and can be set independently. The individual channels provide discrete control of each body stimulation point and assures that the stimulation electricity does not travel through the body from one stimulation point to another.

A vacuum pump is used for additional sensory stimulation, sucking JG's breast skin out and into transparent plastic breast cups. Each cup contains an outer conductive ring and an inner spring-loaded nipple electrode. Electrical stimulation is passed from each conductive ring to each nipple electrode, which avoids passing electrical current across the chest. Spectra-360 conductive gel is used to coat the rings and nipple electrodes to assure positive and uniform conductivity.

The vacuum is also connected to JG's transparent penis stimulation tube. This tube contains a urethral rod and two outer metallic strips, all made of brass. When the vacuum suction is applied, JG's penis is sucked out and into the tube around the urethral rod. As this is happening, stimulation electricity is passed between the two outer metallic strips. Naturally, the penis suction combined with the urethral rod and e-stim provide quite a stimulation experience. (A future version of the penis tube will incorporate multiple contacts lining the tube which will be driven by a custom e-stim unit. The stimulation electricity will be pulsed sequentially up and down the row of contacts providing a ‘stroking' sensation)

If that isn't enough, a twin-contact but plug which is mounted to the lower torso leather harness provides pulsating stimulation to the walls of his rectum. This stimulation makes JG want to retract his legs and clench his thighs together, however, this is where the cuffs and springs come into play.

Thigh and ankle bondage cuffs are attached to long springs which are connected to overhead suspension points and floor bolts respectively. The springs provide tension to the cuffs which keep his thighs parted and suspended off the floor and his ankles pulled apart and away from his body. The springs have three functions: 1) they allow JG's body to jerk and convulse without injury because the bondage is not attached to solid and unyielding points, 2) the springs provide a sense that escape may be possible because they give a bit in length when pulled upon, and 3) the springs disallow JG from coming in contact with any stationary object in the room which he can repel against during his struggle - thus providing an additional sense of helpless, floating and isolation from the ‘outer world'. JG says that "no matter how much you pull and struggle against the springs, the springs always win".

To amplify his sensory experience, JG uses a customized shoulder-entry latex rubber cat suit, hood, full-face gas mask and breathing hoses. These provide him with a rubber fetish experience as well as creating a sense of isolation from the outer world. In addition, the gas mask is used for breath control as it's connected to an air filter (in this video) or a liquid bubbler bottle (in a future video). Both of these provide resistance to easy breathing.

JG's hands are enclosed in extremely effective padded, rubber gauntlet helpless mitts. Unlike other helpless mitts, the extended sleeve of these gauntlet style mitts lap under the zipper sleeves of his thick cat suit, providing a more intense and inescapable hand covering. His wrists are then cuffed and connected to the springs which keep his hands away from his body preventing him from protecting himself in any way.

JG has custom made his own leather suspension harness which includes the upper torso vest and breast cup retainers, and the lower harness which connects to the torso vest and also retains the penis tube and butt plug.

The stainless steel wrist and ankle cuffs are specifically sized to fit over JG's rubber suit, mitts and boots. These custom cuffs have dual attachment rings which allow the springs to be attached to both sides of the cuffs thus providing equal pull stress.

As you can imagine, the ultimate experience in the Creature is when the subject feels extremely helpless, vulnerable and disconnected from the outside world. This experience can be further  intensified when a skilled dominant is controlling the scene - deciding how long the subject will remain in the Creature before being released, how much stimulation the subject can handle, and whether or not the subject will be left alone in the Creature. Imagine yourself in the Creature with your partner at the controls; this might be the ultimate bondage and fetish submission experience? JG has a permanent installation of the Creature in his home, with a console full of dials and knobs which allow the dominant to ‘fiddle' with the controls of the Creature. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". Unbelievable.

We are honored to present this first video on the Web featuring JG and his Creature. This update includes Part 4 and 5. Parts 1,2 and 3 are available in a previous update on this web site. Combined, parts 1 - 5 comprise a 75-minute video documenting the first ‘test run' of the Creature at the Serious Bondage Institute. Another video will be available in the future documenting the Creature at ‘full throttle', so stay tuned for that.

JG-Leathers is a long-time kinkster known worldwide in the heterosexual community. He is the author of over 30 bondage fiction books which can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Pink Flamingo Press. For more information, check out his web site at www.jg-leathers.com or do a search on the Web for JG-Leathers. A special thanks to JG and his friend ‘Rubbert' (on FetLife) for their efforts in shooting this video. Videos featuring women in The Creature can be found on our related bondage site SeriousImages.com.

JG's rubber helpless mitts are custom made by Mr. S, and his stainless steel wrist and ankle shackles are custom made by Axsmar.


GALLERY: 157 / DATE: Apr 19 2011 / IMAGES: 77

Our friend Mummy Ed loves self-bondage and the drama of fetish and the ritual of the bondage. The jail cell was striking in the overhead lighting. The warehouse was cold which set an even more ominous feel. This was much more than a photoshoot. A special thanks to Medical Toys for the use of their facility. Jail cell was manufactured by RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 318 / DATE: Apr 17 2011 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Studio Gum is a small company located in Europe. They make some serious extra heavy rubber gear. This sleepsack is on loan from Twisted Clinic. The compression is second only to the feel and smell of high quality rubber. Rubber over rubber is even better. This video speaks for itself.


GALLERY: 320 / DATE: Apr 13 2011 / IMAGES: 265 / VIDEOS: 3

Part 1of2 - We are honored to present the first complete video on the Web featuring our friend and colleague JG-Leathers as he demonstrates his famous ‘Creature' bondage and sensory stimulation rig. The Creature is an intricate collection of technology specifically designed to assault the prisoner with an intense and multi-pronged stimulation experience. This includes powerful vacuum suction and e-stim on the breasts and cock, urethral piss control, electrified butt plug, complete isolation, rubber enclosure, breath control, suspension bondage, helpless-mitt finger control, and powerful spring retention of all four limbs which isolates the captive from any physical traction against a solid surface.

In March of 2011 JG-Leathers visited the Serious Bondage Institute and brought with him the ‘portable' version of the Creature; four large and heavy suitcases filled with rubber suits and hoods, springs, stainless-steel shackles, gas-masks, a vacuum pump, two ErosTek units and an assortment of strange hoses and fittings. In this 75-minute video we were able to document the entire process of setting up the Creature as well as the intricate ritual of donning the gear in preparation for a ‘ride'.

As you will see, once JG is fully installed in the Creature, there is no turning back. Once his feet leave the floor and the pumps and e-stim systems are activated, he can kiss reality goodbye. This is as real as it gets folks, fasten your seatbelts, and don't blame us if you have nightmares.

Actually, truth be told, this is a humorous and informative video which captures the essence of being a master gear-head and fetishist. We have all been there before - you spend hours getting into your gear only to find you left the last piece on the table which is across the room and out of reach. This price we pay for our love of the gear.

JG has developed the Creature over a span of 20 years, and his invention is a testament to his imagination and drive to experience the ultimate in physical helplessness, emotional surrender and sensory overload stimulation. A permanent installation of the Creature is located in what JG refers to as his home's ‘Whine Cellar'. His home system provides a much wider selection of stimulation technology including variable vacuum control and a ventilator for assisted breathing.

This 75-minute video is split into 5 parts: parts 1,2 and 3 are available in this update, and parts 4 and 5 are available in the next update. Additionally, this update includes 265 still photos. This 75-minute video documents the first ‘test run' of the Creature at the Serious Bondage Institute. Another video will be available in the future documenting the Creature at full throttle, so stay tuned for that.

JG-Leathers is a long-time kinkster known worldwide in the heterosexual community. He is the author of over 30 bondage fiction books which can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Pink Flamingo Press. For more information, check out his web site at www.jg-leathers.com or do a search on the Web for JG-Leathers. A special thanks to JG and his friend ‘Rubbert' (on FetLife) for their efforts in shooting this video. Videos featuring women in The Creature can be found on our related bondage site SeriousImages.com.


GALLERY: 319 / DATE: Apr 12 2011 / IMAGES: 75 / VIDEOS: 1

Mark works so hard on the websites, sometimes he forgets to play with what he loves. Tonight there was an offer to wear some heavy full rubber so he could not resist. Rubbert and JG-Leathers were here, and the smell of rubber and silicon lube were everywhere. Most of Rubbert's gear is Mr S and Polymorphe, but the heaviest item was a custom made heavy rubber inside out straitjacket from Mad Max of Caught in the Act Maxcita. I like this video because the little boy in Mark shows.


GALLERY: 313 / DATE: Apr 8 2011 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

The Institute is always open to new people. Mikey and Tony visited to enjoy some other visitors gear. As this was happening, another internet visiter entered the picture. This gave everyone an extra body for gear and torment. Mikey was in full rubber and metal and our new friend was in leather. The red Fetters strait jacket was complimented by the Top to Bottom discipline hood. Everyone got into the act, but I'm still not sure if the two ever got relief. Well, the whole point was torment.


GALLERY: 299 / DATE: Apr 6 2011 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 1

Vincent was willing to try whatever we wanted to do; this was music to our ears. He is a good looking guy and has not tried rubber. Mark has been playing with unistrut, a heavy weight erector set.  He built a standing stock with clamps for head, ankles, and wrists. The evening went on and Vincent was still in the mood for bondage. Mark loves the chained to the wall scenario, so Vincent was chained to the wall in metal shackles. We had done some earlier shooting and I had already had a full day. I went to bed, but Mark and Vincent went long into the evening. This was very heavy bondage that they seemed to both enjoy. Bolt Vincent into bondage, work on the website, take a few pictures and let Vincent enjoy the bondage. This sounds like a fairly normal evening around here.


GALLERY: 312 / DATE: Mar 29 2011 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Maxcita "caught in the act" vacuum beds are the heaviest and the best engineered on the market. However, they may also be the most expensive. Rubbert (on FetLife) brought his by for us to experience. The most interesting thing was the dry suit zipper that holds the vacuum without the roar of the vacuum cleaner in the back ground. Gear is a very personal thing to share so the total rubber coverage of our test pilot made it cleaner and best of all, double rubber. The latex is produced in Canada Polymorphe with a high quality to last and avoid allergic reaction. I was in this piece on a visit to Rubbert's a few months ago, it was a real intense experience. A special thanks to Rubbert for sharing his vac bed, and to ‘RankInSF' (in the red latex) for being our test pilot.


GALLERY: 188 / DATE: Mar 26 2011 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X is up for any type of bondage and tonight it was a neoprene walking sack. This piece is very versatile because it immobilizes the arms and head with the pull of one zipper. It is perfect for transporting a prisoner because of the ability to walk and the long term comfort. A prisoner can make a run for it, but the lack of sight and limited breathing make the effort futile. We purchased this one from 665 Leather located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood California. The metal helmet, collar and ankle cuffs are from Mr.S. The guy in the cage was restrained with special digital time-release 9-chain handcuffs from Martin of RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 310 / DATE: Mar 21 2011 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 1

JG-Leathers helped us display some very cool rubber gear on a couple of willing models. This video shows off heavy bondage rubber from several manufacturers including Maxcita, Mr.S, Recon Rubber, and Instincts. We hoist one volunteer upside down as the other looks on. This is a very informative video with plenty of quality rubber. A special thanks to our friend ‘Rubbert' (on FetLife) for supplying much of the gear, and to ‘RankInSF' (in the red catsuit) for his assistance. A fun time was had by all.


GALLERY: 311 / DATE: Mar 18 2011 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X steps up to be the test pilot for a unique ‘seven point' metal bondage device loaned to us by our friend Rubbert (on FetLife) in Canada. This is a very secure piece with several configurations, all of which are totally immobilizing. This is actually a copy of a similar seven-point restraint made by Maxcita. Once you are locked in this device there is absolutely no chance of escape. Mister X is definitely a trooper when it comes to testing our latest bondage devices. A special thanks to Rubbert for sharing this ultra-cool piece of gear with us, and to Max for manufacturing the original.


GALLERY: 285 / DATE: Mar 14 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Our last video in the series shows a very interesting restraint piece. Our victim is a collector with vast knowledge of institutional restraints. However, he is not sure of the history of this piece. His closest guess is that it is a bath tub restraint system. The neck hole is small to prevent slipping under the water plus access holes. It fits very well on a bed with additional restraints. We used Humane bed restraints which worked quite well. Even though this may not be designed for a bath tub, it is still a hot idea.


GALLERY: 284 / DATE: Mar 11 2011 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 3 of this bondage session displays more of our friends collection of institutional restraints. This is an actual item purchased over the internet that was used in an institution. The idea of spending time in these is very hot. However, being extremely horny with no relief is far more fun than enduring DT's.


GALLERY: 308 / DATE: Mar 9 2011 / IMAGES: 78 / VIDEOS: 1

A friend of Serious Bondage brought stopped by with a vacuum cube to play with. The cube is powered by a small vacuum cleaner. However it sucks down and holds a person motionless. The suction is impressive which leaves its mark, for about a week.  Mikey, Dalton, and Mark took turns. We also had an insecure Daddy who took a turn. However, he feared the ridicule he would face if the pictures ever went public. This piece was purchased from Mr S Leather. If you ever get a chance to try one, go for it.


GALLERY: 307 / DATE: Mar 4 2011 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

Rubber is the theme of this video, Rank's red rubber in fact. Rank is our favorite local rubber guy. The stocks are wooden and very adjustable except for the size of the holes. They were very tight and immobilizing, but not immobilizing enough. The web of black leather straps contrasting the red rubber were much more than a fashion statement. The leather straps held Rank still, but had a more compressing effect. Compression gets me hard when I'm being tied up, so I figured he wouldn't mind. Our friend MummyEd worked over Rank's unexposed cock. The true rubber fetishist enjoys full coverage rubber. The slippery feel of lube and latex especially on the more sensitive parts is apparent in this very hot video.


GALLERY: 268 / DATE: Mar 1 2011 / IMAGES: 186

During a recent visit with our friend Travis, he showed us a new set of Polypropylene Humane Restraints which he had recently ordered. Due to new hospital guidelines the traditional leather restraints that we are all familiar with are being replaced with new hygienic polypropylene (plastic) straps and cuffs. As you can imagine these new cuffs are far easier to clean and also waterproof.

As a result we decided to test the new restraints in Travis' upstairs shower. Our friend Mummification Ed volunteered to be the subject for our test, partly because of his fetish for spandex swimsuits - one of which he happened to be wearing under his street clothes! The new polypropylene restraints are similar to the traditional leather straps and cuffs, using the same locking buckles. The new cuffs are color coded - blue for wrists and green for ankles. You can easily remember the color coding - blue is for the sky and the upper body, and green for grass and the lower part of the body.

Truth be told, this wasn't much of a test. It was just an excuse to try some bondage in the shower. It's nice to have kinky friends to do this stuff with.

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